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Status Accepted PAN No. FIIE201600000048532
Registration No. 255113
Applicant Joy Wang
EPH Controls Ltd, Sitecast Industrial Estate
Cork T12W665
Description of Mark EMBER
Representation of Mark
Goods & Services Class: 9
Electric control devices for heating management.

Class: 11
Temperature control apparatus [valves] for central heating radiators; Apparatus for controlling temperature in central heating radiators [valves]; Control devices [thermostatic valves] for heating installations.
Date of Application 23/05/2016
Date of Publication of Registration
Priority Date
Address for Service MICHAEL O'CONNOR
O'Connor Intellectual Property
Suite 207 Q House
Furze Road
Dublin 18

The mark in use is/will be in the colour(s) R255 G119 B0/ R255 G186 B84/ R246 G233 B193

09/07/2016 Acceptance of trade mark will be advertised in Journal No. 2312 dated 27/07/2016.
28/12/2016 Change of Address for Service from Joy Wang, EPH Controls Ltd, Sitecast Industrial Estate, Pouladuff, Cork T12W665, Ireland to MICHAEL O'CONNOR, O'Connor Intellectual Property, Suite 207 Q House, Furze Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18, Ireland recorded on 22/12/2016