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Status Withdrawn PAN No. FIIE201500000027466
Registration No. 255081
Applicant Ayda Technologies Limited
3 The Pines
Castlejane Wood
Description of Mark AYDA
Goods & Services Class: 10
Telemetry devices for medical applications; Measuring devices for medical use; Medical analysis instruments; Medical diagnostic instruments; Medical therapy instruments; Electro medical instruments; Electronic medical instruments; Fibre optic viewing devices for medical purposes; Medical instruments incorporating lasers; Medical devices, namely, intravascular implants comprised of artificial material; Analytical instruments for medical use; Diagnostic instruments for medical use; Photometric instruments for medical use; Laser instruments for medical use; Scanning machines for medical use; Scanning instruments for medical use; Separation instruments for medical use; Thermographic instruments for medical purposes; Tomographic instruments for medical use; Detecting instruments for medical use; Instruments for use in medical analysis; Intravenous administration instruments for medical purposes; Measuring instruments adapted for medical use; Medical instruments for recording physiological data; Medical instruments for reproducing physiological data; Medical instruments for therapeutic drug monitoring; Temperature measuring instruments for medical use; Testing instruments for medical diagnostic purposes; Diagnostic ultrasound instruments for medical use; Ultrasonic diagnostic instruments for medical use; Electronic monitoring instruments for medical use; Fibre optic instruments for medical purposes; Impulse measuring instruments for medical use; Medical instruments for recording heart activity; Medical instruments for application in human bodies; Temperature sensitive testing instruments for medical use; Urine testing instruments for medical diagnostic purposes; Optical temperature measuring instruments for medical inspection purposes; Gynecological medical instruments for examining women' s reproductive organs; none of the aforesaid being for elevating and supporting the body or for mobility and independent living and none being hearing aids.
Date of Application 09/10/2015
Date of Publication of Registration
Priority Date
Address for Service FRKelly
Waterways House
Grand Canal Quay
Dublin D02 PD39

18/11/2015 Assignment from Mark Ledwidge, 14 Maryborough Orchard, Douglas, Cork, Ireland to Ayda Technologies Limited, 3 The Pines, Castlejane Wood, Glanmire, Cork, Ireland by virtue of Deed of Assignment dated 11/11/2015.
06/12/2016 Application withdrawn at the request of FRKelly filed on 24/11/2016 as the registration fee was paid in error.
14/12/2016 Application withdrawn at the request of FRKelly, filed on 23/11/2016