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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000047894
Registration No. 255071
Proprietor The British Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcasting House, Portland Place
London W1A 1AA
Description of Mark BLUE PETER
Goods & Services Class: 3
Non-medicated toilet preparations; soaps; shampoos; talcum powder; preparations for use in the bath or shower; bubble baths; bath foam; bath salts; bath bombs and bath fizzers; bath oil; shower gel; preparations for the hair; hair gel; preparations for cleaning the teeth; perfumes; eau de cologne; deodorants for personal use; essential oils; toiletries; skin care preparations; cosmetics; perfuming sachets; scented wood.

Class: 8
Gardening tool sets; hand tools and implements (hand-operated); cutlery; can openers, bottle openers; picnic cutlery; cheese slicers; electric irons; parts and fittings for the aforesaid.

Class: 9
Cinematographic and photographic films; sound and video recordings; recorded television and radio programmes; motion pictures; animated cartoons; data recordings, including audio, video, still and moving images and text, also in interactive format; programmes and web-based audio-visual content for broadcast or other transmission on television, radio, mobile telephones, personal digital assistants and personal computers, including in 3D format; apparatus for recording, broadcasting, transmission, receiving, processing, generating, reproducing, distributing, re-distributing, tracking, tagging, encoding and decoding of audio and video content, still and moving images, data and metadata; magnetic data carriers, recording discs, memory carriers, compact discs, interactive compact discs, CD-ROMs and DVDs, mini-disks, CD-Is, tapes, cassettes; lanyards for eyeglasses; mobile phones; cameras; cartridges, cards and other carriers, all bearing or for use in bearing sound recordings, video recordings, data, metadata, images, graphics, text or programs; software; computer programs; computer software, including software for use in downloading, storing, processing, reproducing, organising, distributing and re-distributing audio, video, still and moving images and data; application software, including application software for mobile phones, wearable digital electronic devices and other portable digital devices; virtual reality software, hardware and apparatus; educational and learning software, electronic educational and learning apparatus and instruments; IP-based computer software platforms for the production, formatting, management and distribution of sound, images and data; mobile phone games; digital games; DVD games; computer games software and equipment; computer software for personalized and interactive television; downloadable electronic publications; ring tones and graphics (downloadable) for mobile phones; downloadable graphics for computers; digital music, audio and video recordings (downloadable) from the internet; science sets for children; electronic bulletin boards; mouse mats; radio signal transmitters and receivers; apparatus and instruments for the reception of radio and television broadcasts including the reception of cable, satellite and digital broadcasts; spectacles (glasses), sunglasses; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.

Class: 14
Jewellery; horological and chronometric instruments; badges, coasters, jewellery boxes, key fobs, key rings and key chains, all of precious metal or coated with precious metal; cuff links, trinkets, watch straps, ornamental pins; watches and clocks; cases of precious metal or coated therewith; lanyards for holding keys.

Class: 16
Printed publications; paper; cardboard; printed matter; bookmarks; magazines; books; catalogues; programmes; photographs; stationery; artists' materials; craft equipment; paint brushes; instructional and teaching material; printing blocks; posters; cards; postcards; greetings cards; trading cards; invitations; diaries; calendars; photograph albums; prints; gift bags, gift boxes, gift tags and gift wrap; notepads; writing instruments and crayons; stickers; transfers; stamps; personal organisers; address books; note books; pens, pencils, pen and pencil holders; desk mats; embroidery, sewing and knitting patterns; postage stamps; coasters made of cardboard and paper.

Class: 18
Bags, shopping bags and backpacks; umbrellas, parasols; suitcases, travelling bags, garment bags, vanity cases, rucksacks, satchels, holdalls, handbags, shoulder bags, camera cases, shopping bags; purses, pouches, wallets, key holders, card holders; pochettes; luggage tags; cosmetic cases and bags.

Class: 20
Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; articles; garden furniture; pillows and cushions; storage boxes; coat hangers; air mattresses, not for medical purposes, air pillows, not for medical purposes, air cushions, not for medical purposes; beehives, willow boxes; bedding, except linen; sleeping bags, camping furniture, camping mattresses, portable water carriers [containers] made of plastics, camping mats; travel accessories (picnic equipment), namely, picnic tables, picnic benches, picnic furniture, picnic baskets [not filled; inflatable pillows; clothes-pegs; fans for personal use; picnic baskets [not fitted]; parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods.

Class: 21
Household or kitchen utensils and containers; combs and sponges; bottle opener, brushes; glassware, porcelain and earthenware; ornaments, statuettes and figurines; tableware; plates and ornamental plates; wall plaques; drinking vessels; mugs; jugs; tankards; stems; bottles, insulated bottles and flasks; picnic baskets and boxes; jars; egg cups; egg timers; lunch boxes; coasters; serving trays; candlesticks; napkin rings and holders; soap boxes; tooth brushes; cleaning instruments, hand-operated; cleaning cloths; dusters; polishing cloths and leathers; chamois leathers; polishing gloves; buckets; ice scrapers for windscreens; windscreen wiping and demisting pads and cloths; car cleaning sponges; car wash mitts, car drying towels (made of chamois leather); seed tin, fruit feeder for birds; vacuum flask; garden gloves, watering can, planters, picnic sets; bottle feeder for birds, bird houses; nail brush.

Class: 22
Tents, tarpaulins, vehicle covers, not fitted; bags for washing hosiery; bags [sacks] for the transport and storage of materials in bulk; sacks [bags] of textile, for packaging; bags [envelopes, pouches] of textile, for packaging storage and transport; canvas for sails, sails, sails for ski sailing; nets for camouflage, fishing nets, nets, purse seines, snares [nets], twine for nets; washbags; twine.

Class: 25
Clothing; footwear; headgear.

Class: 28
Toys, games, playthings; sporting articles; paper airplanes, kites; crackers; bunting; decorations; outdoor games.

Class: 31
Bulb planning gift sets; seeds, natural plants and flowers; foodstuffs for animals.

Class: 41
Provision of entertainment, education, recreation, instruction, tuition and training; production, presentation and distribution of television and radio programmes, audio, video, still and moving images and data including on-line from a database, over the internet, by satellite or mobile networks or any other electronic or digital media; production, presentation and distribution of films for television and cinema, music, news, current affairs, sports and educational information; personalized and interactive entertainment services; interactive television and radio selection services for viewers; publishing services (including electronic publishing services); provision of non-downloadable electronic publications; organisation, production and presentation of shows, competitions, games, quizzes, studio entertainment and audience participation events, roadshows, concerts, exhibitions and events; language teaching; provision of information and advisory services relating to any of the aforesaid services, including such services provided online from a computer network or via the Internet or extranets.
Date of Registration 29/04/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 14/12/2016
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service TOMKINS & CO.
5 Dartmouth Road
Dublin 6

22/08/2017 Change of Address for Service from Bristows LLP, 100 Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y 0DH, United Kingdom to TOMKINS & CO., 5 Dartmouth Road, Dublin 6, Ireland recorded on 22/08/2017