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Status Withdrawn PAN No. FIIE201600000046496
Registration No. 254770
Applicant Don Collins
Innovate Solutions
2nd Floor, 6 South William Street
Dublin 2
Description of Mark Concept Vision
Goods & Services Class: 35
Research (Business -); Research (Market -); Advertising research; Business research; Consumer research; Market research; Marketing research; Business research services; Market research consultancy; Market research studies; Market research services; Commercial information research studies; Conducting of market research; Conducting of business research; Research of business information; Business and market research; Market research for advertising; Marketing research and analysis; Market research and analysis; Market analysis and research.

Class: 42
Research laboratories; Research (Scientific -); Industrial research; Technological research; Scientific research; Agricultural research; Product research; Research of foodstuffs; Research of cosmetics; Research in cosmetology; Research of fisheries; Computer software research; Scientific research services; Industrial research services; Technical research services; Research on food; Provision of research services; Research relating to design; Research and development services; Research into new products; Product research and development; Development (Research and -) of products.
Date of Application 11/03/2016
Date of Publication of Registration
Priority Date
Address for Service Don Collins
Innovate Solutions
2nd Floor, 6 South William Street
Dublin 2

28/05/2016 Acceptance of trade mark will be advertised in Journal No. 2309 dated 15/06/2016.
02/02/2017 Applications withdrawn under Section 45(2) of the Trade Marks Act, 1996 on 02/02/2017.