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Status Refused PAN No. FIIE201600000051119
Registration No. 2016/01792
Applicant Paul Seeber
27 Woodville Grove
Lucan Co Dublin
Description of Mark Downtown Music School
Downtown School of Music
Goods & Services Class: 41
Music performances; Music concerts; Music instruction; Musical entertainment; Musical performances; Live music concerts; Instruction in music; Teaching of music; Tuition in music; Live music performances; Live music shows; Performance of music; Live musical performances; Live musical concerts; Jazz music entertainment services; Education services relating to music; Music performance services; Musical entertainment services; Musical education services; Musical instruction services; Musical performance services; Production of music shows; Musical concert services; Publication of music books; Provision of live music; Tuition in music appreciation; Publication of sheet music; Arranging of music shows; Arranging of music performances; Organisation of music concerts; Publishing of musical works; Performance of musical programmes; Provision of musical entertainment; Directing of musical shows; Production of musical recordings; Presentation of musical performance; Presentation of musical concerts; Hire of musical instruments; Organisation of musical entertainment; Arranging of musical entertainment; Organisation of musical competitions; Organisation of musical concerts; Musical events (Arranging of -); Rental of musical instruments; Presentation of musical performances; Music tuition by correspondence courses; Performance of music and singing; Performing of music and singing; Pop music concerts (Organisation of -); Provision of live musical performances; Organisation of live musical performances; Performance of dance, music and drama; Live performances by a musical bands; Live performances by a musical band; Organising of festivals relating to jazz music; Entertainment services performed by a musical group; Entertainment services provided by a musical group; Rendering of musical entertainment by instrumental groups; Rendering of musical entertainment by vocal groups; Presentation of live performances by a musical group.
Date of Application 29/08/2016
Date of Publication of Registration
Priority Date
Address for Service Paul Seeber
27 Woodville Grove
Lucan Co Dublin

Application is for a Series of 2 Trade Marks

The marks in use is/will be in the colours Black & White

03/04/2017 Refused