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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000050337
Registration No. 255624
Proprietor Tradeway Import & Export Limited
27, Chiltern Close
West Derby
Liverpool L12 0NT
Description of Mark SIMPLY LAUNDRY by Home Gallery
Representation of Mark
Goods & Services Class: 20
Clothes hangers and clothes hooks; Clothes hangers [coathangers], not of metal; Clothes hooks, not of metal; Clothes lines (Props for -), of wood or plastics; Clothes organisers; Clothes racks [furniture]; Clothes rails; Clothes rods; Clothes stands; Hooks for clothes rails.

Class: 21
Clothes-pegs; Clothes-pins; Clothes airers [clothes horse]; Clothes racks, for drying; Racks for airing clothes; Ironing boards; Shaped covers for ironing boards; Clothes drying hangers; Clothes drying hangers specially designed for specialty clothing; Laundry baskets; Laundry baskets for household purposes; Laundry sorters for household use; Clothes brushes; Clothing stretchers; Frames for drying and maintaining the shape of clothing items; Lint rollers [adhesive] for removing lint from clothing; Stretchers for clothing.

Class: 22
Clothesline; Clothes lines [rope or cord].
Date of Registration 29/07/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 22/03/2017
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service Cruickshank
8A Sandyford Business Centre
Dublin 18

The mark in use is/will be in the colour(s) Shades of Blue, White, Grey, Black