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Status Withdrawn PAN No. FIIE201600000050181
Registration No. 2016/01539
Applicant The University of East London
4-6 University Way
London E16 2RD
Description of Mark Well
Representation of Mark (1 of a series of 2)
Representation of Mark (2 of a series of 2)
Goods & Services Class: 35
Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions; community management services; promotional and public awareness campaigns; exhibitions (organisation of -) for commercial or advertising purposes.

Class: 41
Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; provision of educational information and educational advice in relation to improvement of health and well-being; provision of information and advice in relation to community engagement namely to address issues affecting the well-being of individuals in the community; organising and provision of community events and activities; health and wellness training; organisation of competitions; organisation of exhibitions for education, cultural or entertainment purposes; arranging and conducting of conferences, workshops and seminars; provision of community outreach education programs; educational services, namely, conducting workshops and training programs to improve health and wellbeing, build community resilience and reduce wealth inequalities; provision of non-downloadable publications; educational research into the empowerment of communities and the reduction of health inequalities.

Class: 44
Provision of community support services to address issues affecting the well-being of individuals within the community; supporting, organising, developing and planning social services in the field of neighbourhood and community development, namely to address issues affecting the well-being of individuals; supporting, organising, developing and planning health and well-being programs.

Class: 45
Organising and planning social services; online social networking services.
Date of Application 25/07/2016
Date of Publication of Registration
Priority Date 22/07/2016
Address for Service Kilburn & Strode LLP
Lacon London
84 Theobalds Rd
London WC1X 8NL

Application is for a Series of 2 Trade Marks

The mark in use is/will be in the colour(s) Yellow, Blue, White

The application for Registration is proceeding with the consent of the proprietor of EUTM No. 1475759.

08/03/2017 Specification of goods amended on 28/02/2017
08/12/2017 Application withdrawn at the request of Kilburn & Strode LLP, filed on 07/12/2017