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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000050171
Registration No. 255665
Proprietor Fiona Uyema
42 Kingscourt
Description of Mark Fused by Fiona Uyema
Goods & Services Class: 29
Edible seaweed; Beans cooked in soy sauce (Kongjaban); Seafoods boiled down in soy sauce (tsukudani); Chilli oil; Pickles; Spicy pickles; Pickled radishes; Mixed pickles; Preserves, pickles; Pickled fish; Pickled vegetables; Pickled gherkins; Pickled cucumbers; Pickled peppers; Pickled hot peppers; Frozen vegetables; Frozen meat; Frozen eggs; Frozen shellfish; Frozen spinach; Frozen fish; Frozen fruits; Frozen chips; Frozen cooked fish; Deep-frozen poultry; Frozen bamboo shoots; Frozen celery cabbages; Deep frozen chicken; Frozen french fries; Frozen meat products; Instant miso soup; Pre-cooked miso soup; Ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of meat; Ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of game; Ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of poultry.

Class: 30
Food seasonings; Food flavourings; Rice; Steamed rice; Rice crisps; Rice chips; Prepared rice; Rice noodles; Rice pudding; Rice puddings; Rice tapioca; Rice sticks; Rice mixes; Instant rice; Enriched rice; Rice dumplings; Rice flour; Rice cakes; Cakes (Rice -); Rice biscuits; Rice snacks; Fried rice; Rice crackers; Noodles; Egg noodles; Instant noodles; Somen noodles; Buckwheat noodles; Fried noodles; Dried noodles; Udon noodles; Shrimp noodles; Soba noodles; Asian noodles; Vermicelli [noodles]; Wholemeal noodles; Udon noodles [uncooked]; Chow mein noodles; Instant udon noodles; Chinese noodles [uncooked]; Instant soba noodles; Instant chinese noodles; Somen noodles [very thin wheat noodle, uncooked]; Soba noodles [japanese noodles of buckwheat, uncooked]; Noodle-based prepared meals; Udon (Japanese style noodles); Ramen [Japanese noodle-based dish]; Chow mein [noodle-based dishes]; Lo mein [noodles]; Bean-starch noodles (harusame, uncooked); Stir-fried noodles with vegetables (Japchae); Dried and fresh pastas, noodles and dumplings; Soy sauce; Soy sauce [soya sauce]; Soya sauce; Soya sauces; Korean soy sauce [ganjang]; Mayonnaise with pickles; Pickled ginger [condiment]; Tea; Teas; Ginseng tea; Mate [tea]; Chai tea; Lime tea; Darjeeling tea; Ginger tea; Citron tea; Rosemary tea; Tea pods; Tea essences; White tea; Linden tea; Tea mixtures; Tea bags; Tea substitutes; Artificial tea; Black tea [English tea]; Instant tea; Green tea; Tea extracts; Oolong tea [Chinese tea]; Oolong tea; Barley tea; Iced tea; Tea leaves; Tea (Iced -); Sage tea; Jasmine tea; Tea cakes; Black tea; Fruit teas; Frozen pizzas; Frozen cakes; Frozen lollipops; Frozen pastry; Frozen pastries; Frozen dough; Frozen confectionery; Frozen custards; Frozen ices; Frozen cookie dough; Frozen pastry sheets; Frozen yogurt pies; Frozen brownie dough; Frozen biscotti dough; Frozen prepared rice; Frozen dairy confections; Frozen yogurt confections; Deep frozen pasta; Sauces; Hot sauce; Pesto [sauce]; Horseradish sauce; Tomato sauce; Sauce powders; Sauce powder; Barbecue sauce; Teriyaki sauce; Brown sauce; Pasta sauce; Cheese sauce; Picante sauce; Artichoke sauce; Chili sauce; Sauce [edible]; Soy sauce; Sauce mixes; Tartar sauce; Tartare sauce; Ketchup [sauce]; Concentrated sauce; Salad sauces; Cooking sauces; Horseradish sauces; Satay sauces; Curry sauces; Sauces [condiments]; Savory sauces; Spicy sauces; Canned sauces; Pepper sauces; Sauces for chicken; Vegetable pastes [sauces]; Sauces for rice; Food dressings [sauces]; Sauces for pasta; Sauces containing nuts; Sauces for food; Ready-made sauces; Coulis (Fruit -) [sauces]; Sriracha hot chili sauce; Sweet and sour sauce; Sauces for barbecued meat; Vegetable pulps [sauces - food]; Sauces for frozen fish; Mixes for preparing sauces; Sauces for ice cream; Sauces flavoured with nuts; Dry seasonings; Dry seasoning mixes for stews; Miso [condiment]; Miso bean paste; Dry and liquid ready-to-serve meals, mainly consisting of pasta; Dry and liquid ready-to-serve meals, mainly consisting of rice; Breadcrumbs.
Date of Registration 24/07/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 05/04/2017
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service Fiona Uyema
42 Kingscourt

The mark in use is/will be in the colour(s) White, Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Brown, Grey, Silver, Purple, Yellow