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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000048818
Registration No. 255736
Proprietor Sam Crawford
9 Chesterfield Close
Dublin 15
Description of Mark FIT KONCEPT
Representation of Mark
Goods & Services Class: 5
Amino acid preparations for medical use; Antioxidant pills; Antioxidants; Appetite suppressant pills; Appetite suppressants; Caffeine preparations for stimulative use; Capsules for medicines; Capsules for pharmaceutical purposes; Casein dietary supplements; Cod liver oil; Cod-liver oil capsules; Collagen for medical purposes; Diet capsules; Dietary and nutritional supplements; Dietary fiber; Dietary fiber to aid digestion; Dietary food supplements; Dietary fibre; Dietary supplemental drinks; Dietary supplements; Dietary supplements consisting of vitamins; Dietary supplements consisting primarily of iron; Dietary supplements consisting primarily of calcium; Dietary supplements consisting primarily of magnesium; Dietary supplements for animals; Dietary supplements for controlling cholesterol; Dietary supplements for humans; Dietary supplements for humans not for medical purposes; Dietary supplements for medical use; Dietary supplements for pets in the nature of a powdered drink mix; Dietary supplements for pets; Dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes; Dietetic food preparations adapted for medical use; Dietetic sugar substitutes for medical use; Digestive enzymes; Digestants; Digestives for pharmaceutical purposes; Diuretics; Electrolyte drinks for medical purposes; Electrolyte replacement beverages for medical purposes; Empty capsules for pharmaceuticals; Enzyme dietary supplements; Fiber (Dietary -); Fibre (Dietary -); Fish oil for medical purposes; Flaxseed dietary supplements; Flaxseed meal for pharmaceutical purposes; Flaxseed oil dietary supplements; Food for medically restricted diets; Food supplements; Food supplements consisting of amino acids; Food supplements consisting of trace elements; Food supplements for dietetic use; Food supplements for medical purposes; Food supplements for non-medical purposes; Food supplements for veterinary use; Foodstuffs for diabetics [specially made for]; Glucose for medical purposes; Glucose dietary supplements; Glucose for use as an additive to foods for medical purposes; Gummy vitamins; Lecithin dietary supplements; Lecithin for medical purposes; Leeches for medical purposes; Linseed for pharmaceutical purposes; Linseed dietary supplements; Linseed meal for pharmaceutical purposes; Linseed oil dietary supplements; Liquid vitamin supplements; Lozenges for pharmaceutical purposes; Lysine preparations; Meal for pharmaceutical purposes; Meal replacement powders; Mineral dietary supplements for animals; Mineral dietary supplements for humans; Mineral drinks (Medicated -); Mineral food supplements; Mineral nutritional supplements; Mineral preparations and substances for medical use; Mineral supplements to foodstuffs; Mineral waters for medical purposes; Mixed vitamin preparations; Multi-vitamin preparations; Multivitamin preparations; Multivitamins; Nutraceuticals for use as a dietary supplement; Nutraceuticals for therapeutic purposes; Nutritional supplement meal replacement bars for boosting energy; Nutritional supplements; Nutritional supplements consisting primarily of magnesium; Nutritional supplements consisting primarily of zinc; Nutritional supplements consisting primarily of calcium; Nutritional supplements consisting primarily of iron; Nutritional supplements for veterinary use; Oil (Cod liver -); Plant extracts for pharmaceutical use; Powdered fruit-flavored dietary supplement drink mix; Powdered nutritional supplement drink mix; Preparations of vitamins; Probiotic supplements; Protein dietary supplements; Protein supplements for animals; Slimming pills; Slimming purposes (Medical preparations for -); Slimming tea for medical purposes; Soy protein dietary supplements; Vitamin and mineral supplements; Vitamin and mineral supplements for pets; Vitamin A preparations; Vitamin B preparations; Vitamin C preparations; Vitamin D preparations; Vitamin drinks; Vitamin drops; Vitamin preparations; Vitamin preparations in the nature of food supplements; Vitamin supplements; Vitamin supplements for animals; Vitamin tablets; Vitamins and vitamin preparations; Vitamins for animals; Zinc dietary supplements; Zinc supplement lozenges.

Class: 25
Ankle socks; Anti-perspirant socks; Anti-sweat underclothing; Anti-sweat underwear; Arm warmers [clothing]; Articles of sports clothing; Athletic clothing; Athletic footwear; Athletic shoes; Athletic tights; Athletic uniforms; Athletics footwear; Athletics shoes; Athletics vests; Baseball caps; Baseball caps and hats; Baseball hats; Bathing suits; Bathing suits for men; Bathing trunks; Beach clothes; Beach clothing; Beanie hats; Belts [clothing]; Bikinis; Boardshorts; Bobble hats; Bodies [clothing]; Boxer briefs; Boxer shorts; Bras; Brassieres; Briefs; Briefs [underwear]; Caps [headwear]; Cargo pants; Clothes; Clothes for sport; Clothes for sports; Clothing; Clothing for cycling; Clothing for gymnastics; Clothing for leisure wear; Clothing for martial arts; Clothing for sports; Crop tops; Flat caps; Fleeces; Fleece vests; Fleece shorts; Flip-flops; Gym shorts; Gym suits; Gymwear; Gymshoes; Halter tops; Hats; Head bands; Head sweatbands; Head wear; Headbands; Headbands [clothing]; Headbands for clothing; Headgear; Headwear; Hooded pullovers; Hooded sweatshirts; Hoods [clothing]; Insoles for footwear; Jeans; Jerseys; Jerseys [clothing]; Jogging bottoms; Jogging bottoms [clothing]; Jogging outfits; Jogging sets [clothing]; Jogging pants; Jogging tops; Knee-high stockings; Ladies' clothing; Leg-warmers; Leggings [trousers]; Leggings [leg warmers]; Legwarmers; Leisure clothing; Leisure wear; Leisurewear; Long sleeve pullovers; Long-sleeved shirts; Lounge pants; Loungewear; Men's and women's jackets, coats, trousers, vests; Men's socks; Men's underwear; Menswear; Moisture-wicking sports shirts; Moisture-wicking sports pants; Moisture-wicking sports bras; Polo shirts; Pullovers; Printed t-shirts; Rainwear; Shirts; Shorts; Shorts [clothing]; Socks; Socks and stockings; Socks for men; Sport shirts; Sport stockings; Sports bras; Sports caps; Sports caps and hats; Sports clothing; Sports clothing [other than golf gloves]; Sports headgear [other than helmets]; Sports jerseys; Sports socks; Sports vests; Sportswear; Sports wear; Strapless bras; Stretch pants; Sweat bands; Sweat-absorbent underwear; Sweat-absorbent underclothing; Sweat-absorbent underclothing [underwear]; Sweat-absorbent stockings; Sweat-absorbent socks; Sweat bands for the head; Sweat bands for the wrist; Sweat bottoms; Sweat pants; Sweat shirts; Sweat shorts; Sweatbands; Sweaters; Sweatshirts; Sweatpants; Sweatshorts; Swim suits; Swimming trunks; T-shirts; Tank tops; Tank-tops; Tee-shirts; Thermal clothing; Thermal headgear; Tights; Track pants; Track suits; Tops [clothing]; Tops; Tracksuit bottoms; Tracksuit tops; Tracksuits; Trainers; Trainers [footwear]; Training shoes; Under shirts; Underclothing; Underclothing (Anti-sweat -); Underclothing for women; Undergarments; Underpants; Underwear; Underwear (Anti-sweat -); Underwear for women; Womens' undergarments; Womens' underclothing; Women's underwear; Wraps [clothing]; Wristbands [clothing]; Yoga pants; Yoga bottoms; Yoga shirts; Yoga shoes.

Class: 28
Barbells; Bar-bells [for weight lifting]; Bar-bells; Barbells for weight lifting; Benches for gymnastic use; Belts for weightlifting; Belts (Weight lifting -) [sports articles]; Benches for sporting use; Body-building apparatus [exercise]; Body-building apparatus; Body toner apparatus [exercise]; Body-training apparatus; Body training apparatus [exercise]; Body rehabilitation apparatus; Cycling machines [stationary]; Dumb-bells; Dumb-bell shafts [for weight lifting]; Dumb-bells [for weight lifting]; Dumbbell shafts for weight lifting; Dumbbells for weight lifting; Exercise bars; Exercise balls; Exercise benches; Exercise bicycles (Rollers for stationary -); Exercise bicycles (Stationary -); Exercise platforms; Exercise pulleys; Exercise treadmills; Exercise weights; Gym balls; Gym balls for yoga; Gymnastic and sporting articles; Gymnastic apparatus; Gymnastic articles; Gymnastic articles not included in other classes; Gymnastic parallel bars; Gymnastic training stools; Gymnastics (Appliances for -); Jump ropes; Leg weights for exercising; Leg weights for athletic use; Leg weights for sports training; Leg weights [sports articles]; Martial arts training equipment; Parallel bars [for gymnastic]; Parallel bars for gymnastics; Punchbags; Punching bags; Punching balls; Punching balls [for boxing practice]; Rehabilitation apparatus (Body -); Sports equipment; Sporting articles not included in other classes; Sporting articles and equipment; Sports training apparatus; Weight lifing gloves; Weight lifting belts [sports articles]; Weight lifting benches; Weight lifting machines for exercise; Wrist guards for athletic use; Wrist weights for exercise.
Date of Registration 01/06/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 19/04/2017
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service Sam Crawford
9 Chesterfield Close
Dublin D15

The mark in use is/will be in the colour(s) green, red, white, black, grey, pink, purple, orange, blue, yellow, brown,