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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000048791
Registration No. 255189
Proprietor VIASAT, INC.
6155 El Camino Real
California 92009
Description of Mark AEROEFB
Goods & Services Class: 9
Computer software; computer software platforms; interactive computer software; application software; computer software applications; computer software applications, downloadable; mobile apps; software and applications for mobile devices; software applications for use with mobile devices; downloadable applications for use with mobile devices; application software for mobile phones; application software for wireless devices; application software for cloud computing services; computer software for wireless content delivery; computer software for use on handheld mobile digital electronic devices and other consumer electronics; computer software for wireless network communications; computer e-commerce software; software for commerce over a global communications network; computer software for advertising; computer software for document management; personal computer application software for document control systems; personal computer application software for managing document control systems; computer software for scanning images and documents; computer software for converting document images into electronic formats; interactive computer software enabling exchange of information; games software; computer game software; electronic game software; interactive multimedia software for playing games; downloadable interactive entertainment software for playing computer games; interactive entertainment software for use with computers; interactive multimedia computer programs; interactive multimedia computer game programs; interactive video software; software for processing images, graphics and text; computer software for creating searchable databases of information and data; data communications software; data processing software; database management software; computer software for database management; communication software; communication software for connecting computer network users; electronic mail and messaging software; internet access software; interactive computer software that provides navigational and travel information; computer software for global positioning systems; computer applications for vehicle navigation apparatus; computer software to enhance the audio-visual capabilities of multimedia applications, namely, for the integration of text, audio, graphics, still images and moving pictures; databases; computer databases; computer software programs for database management; electronic databases recorded on computer media; data banks; electronic publications; electronic publications, downloadable; publications in electronic format; electronic publications recorded on computer media; timetables (electronic -); computer digital maps; training manuals in electronic format; instruction manuals in electronic format; downloadable image files; downloadable computer graphics; holograms; magnetic data carriers; recording discs; digital recording media; DVDs; DVD discs; compact discs; optical discs; audio discs; media content; video films; recorded films; motion pictures; motion picture films; data recorded electronically; recorded data files; recorded content; digital recordings; video recordings; sound recordings; audio recordings; music recordings; audio visual recordings; downloadable video recordings; multi-media recordings; digital music downloadable provided from a computer database or the internet; downloadable movies; podcasts; downloadable podcasts; optical disc recordings; animated cartoons; telecommunications apparatus; telecommunications devices; wireless communication apparatus; data processing equipment; data processing apparatus; data processing terminals; computers; computer hardware; computers for use in data management; laptop computers; tablet computers; computer peripherals; computer peripheral apparatus; peripherals adapted for use with computers; computer peripheral equipment; computer peripheral devices; wireless computer peripherals; wearable computer peripherals; wearable computer peripheral devices; input devices for computers; portable media players; handheld media players; wearable portable media players; information technology and audiovisual equipment; interactive terminals; interactive computer systems; interactive graphics screens; interactive television terminal sets; interactive video apparatus; interactive data transfer apparatus; central processing units for processing information, data, sound or images; audiovisual apparatus; audio players; video players; optical disc players; digital video players; devices for streaming media content over local wireless networks; photographic apparatus; cameras; digital cameras; webcams; speakers; audio speakers; microphones; headsets; earphones; smart cards; integrated circuit cards [smart cards]; cards bearing electronically recorded data; encoded cards; computer memory devices; USB flash drives; disk drives; computer carrying cases; cases for tablet computers; cases for smartphones; computer docking station; batteries; battery chargers; power adapters; travel adaptors for electric plugs; electric cables and wires; plugs, sockets and other contacts [electric connections]; optical cables; readers [data processing equipment]; optical readers; card readers; biometric fingerprint readers; chip card readers; monitors; screens; display screens; display devices, television receivers and film and video devices; display terminals; display monitors; information display terminals; video devices; video streaming devices; video display units; visual display screens; electronic advertising displays; electronic display panels; optical apparatus and instruments; computer display monitors; navigational instruments; navigation apparatus for vehicles [on-board computers]; vehicle navigation systems featuring interactive displays; navigation, guidance, tracking, targeting and map making devices; electronic navigation apparatus; electronic navigation systems; satellite navigation devices; computers for managing control devices for aircraft; flight simulators for aircraft; flight simulators; flight control apparatus; protective and safety equipment; safety, security, protection and signalling devices.

Class: 38
Telecommunications; telecommunications services; communications services; wireless communications services; interactive telecommunications services; telecommunications portal services; digital communications services; data communication services; communications by computer; satellite communications services; electronic data communications; electronic communications services; telecommunications services between computer networks; telecommunication services provided via Internet platforms and portals; telecommunications services for the distribution of data; transmission of multimedia content via the internet; transmission of videos, movies, pictures, images, text, photos, games, user-generated content, audio content, and information via the internet; signal transmission for electronic commerce via telecommunication systems and data communication systems; digital transmission services; digital transmission of data; digital transmission services for audio and video data; telecommunications services for aircraft passengers; satellite telecommunications services; air to ground telecommunications services; telephone communications; telephone communications services; radio communications; computer aided transmission of messages, information and images; electronic transmission of messages, data and documents; electronic messaging services; email services; provision of email services; message sending; providing instant messaging services; web messaging; delivery of messages by audiovisual media; multimedia messaging services; transmission of data, audio, video and multimedia files; transmission of computerised documents; electronic transmission of data and documents via computer terminals and electronic devices; electronic transmission of data and documents via computer terminals; communication services, namely, electronic transmission of data and documents among users of computers; provision of access to data or documents stored electronically in central files for remote consultation; providing access to databases; providing access to computer databases; providing telecommunications connections to databases; providing access to and leasing access to computer databases; providing access to computer networks; providing access to telecommunication networks; providing user access to a global computer network; providing telecommunications connection to a global computer network; computer communication and internet access; access to content, websites and portals; providing telecommunications connections to the internet; internet access services; providing access to the internet; providing user access to the internet; providing online forums; electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services]; providing access to internet forums; providing access to platforms and portals on the internet; providing access to multimedia content online; providing access to a video sharing portal; providing access to e-commerce platforms on the internet; electronic transmission and retransmission of sounds, images, documents, messages and data; audiovisual communication services; audiovisual transmission services; video broadcasting; video on demand transmissions; video transmission services; video-on-demand transmission; video-on-demand transmission services; provision of access to an internet portal featuring video-on-demand programs; provision of telecommunication access to television programs provided via an on-demand service; broadcasting of television programs using video-on-demand and pay-per-view television services; provision of telecommunication access to video and audio content provided via an online video-on-demand service; provision of telecommunication access to films and television programs provided via a video-on-demand service; broadcasting of motion picture films via the internet; transmission of video films; broadcasting of audiovisual and multimedia content via the internet; audio, video and multimedia broadcasting via the internet and other communications networks; satellite broadcasting services relating to entertainment; transmission of interactive entertainment software; delivery of digital music by telecommunications; webcasting services; broadcasting services; wireless broadcasting; data streaming; video, audio and television streaming services; videoconferencing; provision and rental of telecommunications facilities and equipment; rental of telecommunications apparatus and installations; operation of telecommunications systems; providing information about wireless communication; advisory and consultancy services relating to wireless communications and wireless communications equipment; information, consultancy and advisory services relating to telecommunications.

Class: 42
Design and development of computer software; installation, updating and maintenance of computer software; computer programming; design and development of software for importing and managing data; design and development of software for database management; development of software for processing and distribution of multimedia contents; constructing an internet platform for electronic commerce; programming of software for e-commerce platforms; programming of software for internet platforms; programming of software for importing and managing data; advisory and information services relating to computer software; providing information, advice and consultancy services in the field of computer software; computer software consulting; consultancy relating to the creation and design of websites for e-commerce; computer software technical support services; providing on-line support services for computer program users; platform as a service [PaaS]; hosting of platforms on the internet; hosting of e-commerce platforms on the internet; software as a service [SaaS]; cloud computing; cloud computing services; consulting in the field of cloud computing networks and applications; programming of operating software for accessing and using a cloud computing network; rental of operating software for accessing and using a cloud computing network; providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable operating software for accessing and using a cloud computing network; providing temporary use of web-based applications; providing temporary use of web-based software; providing temporary use of non-downloadable computer programs; providing temporary use of non-downloadable software applications accessible via a web site; providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable software for importing and managing data; providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable software for database management; providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable operating software for computer networks and servers; providing temporary use of non-downloadable computer software for use in the creation and publication of on-line journals and blogs; providing temporary use of non-downloadable software to enable sharing of multimedia content and comments among users; creating, designing and maintaining web sites; hosting of websites; hosting of databases; hosting of podcasts; hosting of digital content on the internet; hosting services and software as a service and rental of software; hosting of digital content, namely, on-line journals and blogs; hosting electronic memory space on the internet for advertising goods and services; interactive hosting services which allow the users to publish and share their own content and images online; provision of internet search engines; providing internet search engines with specific search options; providing search engines for obtaining data via communications networks; rental of computer software; rental of software for importing and managing data; computerised data storage; electronic data storage services; electronic storage of documents; electronic storage of images; electronic storage of videos; electronic storage of digital audio files; electronic storage of digital video files; electronic storage of digital images; electronic storage of files and documents; electronic storage of entertainment media content; hosting a website for the electronic storage of digital photographs and videos; design of communication systems; technical consultancy services relating to information technology; provision of information relating to information technology; data mining; data security services; data warehousing; computer programming services for data warehousing; computer services for the analysis of data; furnishing design services for the interiors of aircraft; design of computer programs and software relating to aircraft; information technology consulting; information technology support services; scientific and technological services; industrial research services; engineering services; engineering design services; telecommunications engineering; computer engineering; software engineering; design and development of computer hardware; advisory and consultancy services relating to computer hardware; rental of computer hardware and facilities.
Date of Registration 01/06/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 14/12/2016
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service Bird & Bird LLP
12 New Fetter Lane
London EC4A 1JP

12/12/2016 Change of Address for Service from Niall Patrick Rooney, c/o FP Logue Solicitors, 8-10 Coke Lane, Smithfield, Dublin 7, Ireland to Bird & Bird LLP, 12 New Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1JP, United Kingdom recorded on 09/12/2016
15/03/2017 Assignment from AERODOCS LIMITED, 7 Westland Court, South Cumberland Street, Dublin 2, Ireland to VIASAT, INC., 6155 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, California 92009, United States of America by virtue of Deed of Assignment dated 20/01/2017.