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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000048448
Registration No. 258590
Proprietor Global Retail Brands Australia Pty Ltd.
Century Plaza
PO Box 33125
Vic 3004
Description of Mark House CASA MAISON HOME
Representation of Mark
Goods & Services Class: 8
Blades [hand tools]; can and tin openers [non-electric]; carving knives; chefs knives; cheese slicers; choppers [knives]; cleavers; cutlery; knives; forks and spoons; non-electric egg slicers; gardening tools (hand operated-); ice picks; ice tongs; kitchen knives; serving ladles; nut crackers; oyster openers; pasta cutters [hand-operated]; pizza cutters [non-electric]; scissors; sugar tongs; vegetable knives; vegetable slicers; non-electric vegetable peelers.

Class: 21
Bakeware; baking dishes; baking utensils; sieves [for household purposes]; basins; non-electric egg beaters; beverage glassware; bottle openers; bowls; bread baskets; bread bins; butter dishes; butter dish covers; cake moulds; cake pans; candle sticks; tea canisters; casserole [dishes]; plates; serving platters; chopping boards for kitchen use; cocktail stirrers; [non-electric]; cocktail shakers; non-electric coffee brewers [non-electric]; coffee cups; coffee filters [non-electric]; non-electric coffee grinders; non-electric plunger style coffee makers; coffee mills [hand-operated]; coffee mugs; non-electric coffee percolators; non-electric coffee pots; non-electric coffee plungers; coffee services (tableware); coffee-pot stands; colanders; food storage containers; containers for beverages; cookery molds [moulds]; coolers [non-electric containers]; corkscrews; cooking pots; dishes; cooking pots and pans; cooking pot sets; non-electric cooking utensils; crockery; cups; cutlery holders; cutlery rests; cutlery trays; cutting boards; dinnerware of porcelain; dish covers; drinking cups; saucers; drinking glasses; drinking vessels; dust bins; flasks; food boxes; non-electric food choppers; non-electric food whisks; fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; frying pans; garlic presses; graters; non-electric griddles; household containers; kitchen containers; salad tongs; spaghetti tongs; ice buckets; ice cube moulds; ice pails; jars; non-electric fruit and vegetable juicers; jugs; non-electric kettles; kitchen containers; non-electric kitchen mixers; knife rests; lazy Susans; liqueur sets; lunch-boxes; mixing spoons (kitchen utensils); mugs; napkin holders; napkin rings; ovenware; pastry cutters; pepper pots; pestles for kitchen use; mortars for kitchen use; pitchers; pie servers; non-electric vegetable mashers; pouring and straining spouts; roasting pans; rolling pins; grinders; salt and pepper shakers; saucepans; servers (kitchen utensils); serving bowls; serving dishes; serving scoops [household or kitchen utensils]; serving tongs; sieves [household utensils]; skimmers [non-electric kitchen implements]; spatulas; spice sets; spoons [kitchen utensils]; steamers [cookware]; stoppers [glass]; strainers; sugar bowls, tea infusers; teapots; tea services (tableware); tea strainers; toothpick holders; trays [household]; trivets; turners [for kitchen use]; urns; utensils for barbecues, namely, forks, turners, vases, vegetable dishes, non-electric waffle irons and woks.

Class: 24
Bed sheets; pillowcases; quilts; duvet covers; bed skirts; bedspreads; comforters; bed covers; duvets; blankets [bed]; cot blankets; childrens' blankets; table cloths; table covers, table linen; napkins of textile; bath towels; hooded bath towels; hand towels; face towels; linens; beach towels; cushion covers; curtains; drapes; shower curtains.

Class: 30
Salt; pepper; mustard; vinegar; sauces; spices; tea; coffee; confectionery in the nature of pastilles; sugar; fondants; confectionery chips for baking; cereal bars; cereal based snack foods.

Class: 35
Retail store services, namely on-line retail store services and mail order services in relation to indoor and outdoor furniture, glassware, tableware, flatware, plates, saucers, cups, serving knives, forks, spoons, glasses, serving trays, vases, bowls, imported gift items, electric appliances, rugs, bed linens, bath linens, kitchen towels, potholders, bakeware, cookware, baking/cooking gadgets, baskets and basketware, ceramics, tablecloths, placemats, napkins, wrapping papers, cards, ties, desk accessories, picnic accessories, barbecues and barbecue accessories, gardening tools and accessories, beach chairs, umbrellas, tables, wooden items, wine racks, storage containers and general consumer merchandise in relation to domestic goods; computerized online ordering services concerning a variety of domestic goods excluding the transport thereof enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase these goods in the field of gifts and general domestic merchandise; franchising services, namely, offering technical assistance and/or support in the establishment and/or operation of retail stores under a franchising arrangement; export and import agency services.
Date of Registration 19/05/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 05/09/2018
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service TOMKINS & CO.
5 Dartmouth Road
Dublin 6

The application for registration is proceeding with the consent of the proprietor of European Trade Mark numbers 009024977 and 013407309 and the proprietor of European Trade Mark number 011496577

12/03/2021 Change of address of proprietor from Global Retail Brands Australia Pty Ltd., C/- Century Plaza, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000, Australia to Global Retail Brands Australia Pty Ltd., Century Plaza, PO Box 33125, Melbourne, Vic 3004, Australia recorded on 11/03/2021.