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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000048338
Registration No. 255471
Proprietor Magnet Networks Limited
IDA Business and Technology Park
Dublin 17
Description of Mark Business In A Box
Goods & Services Class: 9
Telecommunication equipment; Transmitters [telecommunication]; Telecommunication apparatus; Telecommunication cables; Telecommunications switches; Telecommunications cable; Telecommunications equipment; Telecommunications apparatus; Telecommunications devices; Telecommunications networks; Telecommunications transmitters; Mobile telecommunications apparatus; Electronic telecommunications apparatus; Electric telecommunications apparatus; Digital telecommunications apparatus; Microphones for telecommunication apparatus; Fibre optic telecommunications apparatus.

Class: 37
Telecommunication wiring; Installing of telecommunications networks.

Class: 38
Telecommunications; Telecommunication services; Radio telecommunications; Telecommunications services; Telecommunication gateway services; Telecommunication network services; Telecommunication access services; Cellular telecommunications services; Satellite telecommunications services; Telecommunications access services; Provision of telecommunication facilities; Internet based telecommunication services; Telephone and telecommunication services; Mobile telecommunication network services; Providing electronic telecommunication connections; Fibre optic telecommunications services; Transfer of data by telecommunication; Operation of a telecommunications network; Telecommunications services, namely, ISDN services; Telecommunications services between computer networks.
Date of Registration 17/05/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 05/04/2017
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service Magnet Networks Limited
c/o Commercial Legal Affairs Manager

International Exchange Centre
Dublin 17

09/07/2016 Acceptance of trade mark will be advertised in Journal No. 2312 dated 27/07/2016.
12/07/2016 Application accepted in error.