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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000045922
Registration No. 257096
Proprietor Irish Water
Colvill House
24-26 Talbot Street
Dublin 1
Description of Mark IRISH WATER
Goods & Services Class: 6
Water pipes, water tanks, water valves all being metal.

Class: 9
Water meters, water level indicators, water level gauges, water level detection apparatus, water leakage detection alarms.

Class: 11
Apparatus for filtering water and/or descaling water; apparatus for control of water supply; apparatus for purifying water, softening water and/or decontaminating water; apparatus for distribution of water; apparatus for supply of water for sanitary purposes; drinking water filters; drinking water supply apparatus; drinking water supply installations; pressurised water tanks; regulation instruments for water supply; water pipes; water apparatus and installations; water purifying units; water filtering units; water distilling units.

Class: 16
Printed matter, publications, information leaflets.

Class: 35
Business, administration and promotional advertising services.

Class: 37
Construction services relating to water supply mains and water pipes, cleaning of drains, cleaning of water supply pipe work and water supply plumbing, cleaning of water tanks, installation, maintenance and repair of water installations, repair, maintenance of purifying apparatus and water pollution control equipment, water well drilling.

Class: 39
Delivery, distribution and supply of water, public utilities in the nature of supplying water, public utility services in the nature of water distribution, services for the supply of water by pipeline, storage of water in reservoirs, storage of water in tanks, water distribution and supply.

Class: 40
De-mineralisation of water, disposal of waste water for industrial processes, purification of industrial waste water, regeneration of water, rental of water filters, rental of water filtration units for commercial use, rental of water purifying apparatus, rental of water treatment equipment, treatment of waste water, treatment of water, waste and/or water treatment services, waste water reprocessing, water pollution control, water purification, water treatment.

Class: 41
Educational services in relation to water, water management, water pollution, providing courses in the field of water management.

Class: 42
Analysis of water, water quality control services.
Date of Registration 23/02/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 01/11/2017
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service TOMKINS & CO.
5 Dartmouth Road
Dublin 6

The application for registration is proceeding on the basis of the mark having acquired distinctiveness through use.