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Title of Invention Aquaculture
Application No. 2000/0821
Date of Filing 11/10/2000
Publication Date 18/04/2001
Priority Country Filing Date Application No.
 Ireland  11/10/1999  1999/0838
 Ireland  11/10/1999  1999/0839
2 Ballybride
Old Rathmichael
Co. Dubliln
Inventor Michael Connolly
Current Proprietor MICHAEL CONNOLLY
2 Ballybride
Old Rathmichael
Co. Dubliln
Status Lapsed
Grant No. 83848
Date Grant Published 06/04/2005
International Patent Classification
Core level

Int. Cl. (2024.01)
A01K 63/00
A01K 61/00
C02F 3/00
A01K 63/04
Advanced level

Int. Cl.
A01K 63/00 (2005.01)
C02F 3/00 (2005.01)
A01K 63/04 (2005.01)
C02F 3/32 (2005.01)
Abstract Aquaculture apparatus comprises an elongate tube (2) of flexible translucent plastic material which extends longitudinally along level ground. The tube is inflated and air supported. At least the lower section of the tube defines a water course. The tube (2) is closed at both ends to form a water enclosure. A number of such tubes are arranged in side-by-side relation and are covered by a plastic sheet cover layer (17). The cover (17) provides an air gap (19) to insulate the inner tubes (2) and restrict heat loss. The tubes (2) are used to form at least some of the modules of an aquaculture system for rearing fish and/or for effluent, waste or water treatment.